Tuesday, June 22, 2010

High Tea by Sandra Harper

Looking for a fun, summer read?  Try High Tea by Sandra Harper.  Margaret Moore owns Magpie's Tearoom in Los Angeles.  She's a transplanted English woman, divorced and still friends with her gay ex-husband.  She's been in Los Angeles for years, and is now a single fifty-something woman who's burned out and bored.

Margaret's employees are an interesting bunch of women.  There's Lily, her "chef" who's creativity threatens to mess with Margaret's strict guidelines on the proper English tea.  Cassandra is an actress in her late thirties, still waiting for that magic audition to appear.  Then there's Lauren, a twenty-something lazy butt who just wants to party and coast on her looks.  

Each woman has reached a turning point in her life, and has to take a leap of faith to make changes.  Magpie's is safe and cozy; should Margaret keep it open, or go back to England?  Will Lily open a B&B?  Will Cassandra move on in her acting career?  Will Lauren actually get some focus and earn a living?

If you love anything British, or just enjoy remembering having scones and clotted cream, this is a treat to read.  Pull out your Earl Grey, whip up some cucumber sandwiches, and enjoy!  Nothing like a proper English Tea to set everything right.  

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