Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Got to Meet Sookie's Mom!

Oh, I am a lucky girl.  I've met two of my favorite authors in the past few years:  Sandra Dallas, and now Charlaine Harris.  Charlaine was recently in Cedar Rapids for the Out Loud! Author series.  This series is supported by Theatre Cedar Rapids, and the Cedar Rapids Metro Library.  B&N is the official bookseller at these events.  When I found out Charlaine Harris was going to be part of this year's Out Loud! series, I couldn't wait to attend the event.  As another stroke of good luck, the narrator of the Sookie Stackhouse audios, Johanna Parker, was also on board for the visit.

Friday night, it was appropriately a very stormy evening when Charlaine and Johanna made their appearance at TCR.  The crowd was huge; many people were waiting in line for hours.  The best part of this event was that it was free!  Free, people!  After a great introduction by Rob Cline, the orchestrator of Out Loud!, Charlaine took to the microphone with very loud applause and cheers from the crowd.  She was as charming as you would think.  A lovely southern accent, self-deprecating humor, and so down to earth that you wish you could sit down and have a good 'ol chat with her.  Johanna got up and read scenes from various books.  She was amazing.  I now know that acting is not only using your facial expressions, but your voice.  I don't listen to audio books, but she has definitely tempted me!  The two of them together were delightful.  The questions from the audience were thoughtful and very articulate.  

We found out that Sookie will be around for at least three more books, that Charlaine has finished with her three mystery series, and plans on starting a new series someday.  As long as she keeps on writing, I will keep on reading.  

I stayed late and patiently waited in line to have her sign my first paperback, Dead Until Dark.  I have been reading this series since the beginning; my paperback has an old cover, and Charlaine's name is very tiny.  You can tell how popular an author has become by the evolution of their name size on the book cover.  

Anyway, I was thrilled to meet her and Johanna.  Both were worth the wait.  


Charlaine, still signing after almost two hours!

Johanna, a lovely woman who was happy to take one more picture with me!

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