Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Vampire Doesn't Look Like Alexander Skarsgard!

Eternity as a chunky 15 year old? That really sucks!
Fat Vampire by Adam Rex is a teen book about Doug, a fifteen year old high school student nicknamed "meatball" (because he used to smell like garlic as a child) who's been turned into a vampire in the Poconos.

Doug isn't very happy as a vampire--even on a diet of cow blood, he still can't lose any weight, and he doesn't feel very vampiric.  He has to wear a poncho out to school so he doesn't get burned, and he still has to wear glasses.  Sometimes he turns into a bat, but has no idea how and can't do it on command.  What a rough after life!

This book starts out very funny--some of the lines require reading out loud.  Doug and his best friend Jay are just trying to figure out how to get through each day.  A lousy sensational vampire hunter show has seen  security  camera footage of Doug trying to suck blood out of a panda (you must read this part!) and is convinced they've finally found a bona fide vampire--they are on the chase to find Doug.  They're both a couple of door knobs.

The first part of the book is very enjoyable, and Doug soon falls for an Indian exchange student with a mysterious internet past.  She's a bit reserved, and you just don't know if they will hit it off.  The second part of the book takes a more serious tone; I wasn't very happy with the rest of the novel.  Doug is likable in the beginning, but I found myself annoyed with him and his changing attitude.  He became unlikable and distant from Jay.

So read it and see what you think of the end.  I wasn't too thrilled with the end and a bit confused, too.  What I did like about this teen novel is that it's about a teen boy vampire, and not one that's a gorgeous perfect football player vampire.  It will appeal to boys and girls.  There are some absolutely hysterical scenes and lines, and that's what I missed in the last half of the book.  But, there's enough to keep you reading, and certainly will get you talking to your friends about it.

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