Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

I just keep getting sucked into the teen world.  It's not a bad place to be, if you're not a teen!  And by teen world, I mean teen books.  There are some pretty darn good novels coming out now, and I'm having a hard time balancing my adult and teen reads!  "Oooh, I have to read that one" is pretty much my catch phrase lately at work when I wander through the teen section.  It doesn't help that I am already thinking Christmas thoughts, and which books to get which kids.  

I've heard a lot of buzz about The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller, and it's about reincarnation, so I picked it up and stayed up late last night to finish it.  Here's what I think:

It's an intelligent novel about reincarnation, with some teen thrown in.  Haven Moore is the young woman in the center of the novel.  She lives with her overbearing, over-religious grandmother Imogene,  and cowering mother  Mae in Snope City, TN.  She's an extremely talented clothing designer, and has a small business making prom dresses for high school students with her gay friend, Beau.  Both are outsiders in the small town.  Haven is known as the girl who's possessed by a demon, and Beau is the only openly gay person in town.  They are very close and support each other.

Haven has been having visions of  1920's New York City, a fire, and a man named Ethan all her life.  She believes she's seeing a previous life as Constance,  and Ethan is her one true love.  She's determined to get to New York City to find him.  Imogene and the town preacher are determined to keep her "safe" in Snope City.  Seeing Iain Morrow on TV, she's convinced he's Ethan.  

Haven manages to get to New York City, and meets Iain.  From here, things start to happen.  What is the mysterious Ouroboros Society?  Did Ethan kill Constance in 1925?  Is Iain killing now?  Can Haven trust him?  This part of the novel is great.  Kirsten Miller writes an interesting story line, and you are itching to find out more about Constance and Ethan.  The only thing I didn't like about it is Haven's wishy-washy feelings for Iain.  She is drawn to him, and claims to love him, yet is very easily swayed time and again into distrusting him and being suspicious.  Iain does give her reason to question his motives, but I found her constant back and forth loving, then distrusting and wanting to leave him a bit irritating.  Otherwise, I enjoyed the novel a lot and the ending is quite interesting.  Adam Roiser is a character to watch.  That's all I'll say.  Can't wait to read the sequel.

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