Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Through the List and I've Decided On January's Challenge

Well, I've managed to finish The Candymakers, The Christmas Blizzard, and London Under in the past week.  All very different, but enjoyable reads.  Garrison Keillor always makes me laugh out loud, and reading his take on rediscovering Christmas was very enlightening in between laughs.  Makes me long for those days when shopping and hurrying around was not the focus of the season.  Driving around looking at lights, hearing beautiful Christmas concerts, and just being quiet and still with only the twinkling lights on at home.  I miss that.  

Anyway, I have figured out what my January Challenge will be for me, and maybe you can join in, too.  Since I have too many books bought and not read, I am having a Clear the Damn Bookshelves & Floor Challenge for the month of January.  Starting January 1st, I am only reading what I've got at home, with a goal of reading 10-15 books for the month.  I'm going to grab a book off the floor (or bookshelves) and read.  No dithering, pondering, or aimlessly looking at what I've got.  Just grab and read.  A new year to clear out the old shelves, give away what I have read and want to share, and keeping all those books I love and want to keep at home.  Then February will be a new month to read new books.

How is your Reading Challenge coming along?  Only 31 days left, people.  Can't believe it's gone so fast.  I have met my goal and am continuing to read, but this month I will slow down a bit.  Yes, I will keep on my challenge for next year, and maybe up it a bit.  I talked to Bud about this, and we both agreed that pushing myself to 150 books just isn't possible.  Well--it's possible if I just read all day and night, and do absolutely nothing else.  But, I do other things--work, exercise, cook, and spend time with friends and my Bud.  As much as I love to read, there has to be a balance or my social skills will disappear and I will not be able to hold a conversation with anyone that doesn't start with "What are you reading?"

Along with my podcasts, I will continue to review books on this blog, and plan on reviewing at least 2-3 times a week to keep things fresh and keep people in the loop!

So meanwhile, read some fun Christmas tales.  Revisit A Christmas Carol, or look at some wonderful kid's picture books like Snowmen at Night and The Gift of the Magi.  Or read a ooshy gushy Christmas romance.  I love reading them!  


  1. Merry Christmas Sue. Glad you will be keeping the blog going next year. I check in often, but usually don't comment. I love seeing what you are reading and make my selections accordingly. You don't steer me wrong. Have a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic 2012!

  2. Dawn! Send me your email so I can email you back. I sent one, but I think it went to never never land.

    Merry Christmas! Tell your Mom hi and I miss you both.