Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Magyk by Angie Sage: A Fun Start To A Young Reader Series

This was a Free Friday pick on my Nook a few months ago, and I finally had a reason to read it this past week--a book club for young readers at our store.  I was hurriedly reading it when I found out I didn't have to lead the group, but I was enjoying this book so much I woke up extra early yesterday and finished it.  

Septimus Heap is the 7th son of the 7th son, which is a huge deal in the magical world.  It means they have the ability to work magic like no one else.  But Septimus Heap is thought by his family to have died as a baby. But is he really gone?   His father finds an infant girl in the woods, and takes her home to raise.  That girl, Jenna, is raised by the Heaps until her 10th birthday, when we find out who she really is, and why her life is in danger.  This begins the adventures of Jenna, Boy 412, Marcia, the Extraordinary Wizard of the Castle, and the Heap family.   

 I loved this book!  It was entertaining, moved along quickly, and has lots of characters--both good and bad.  All sorts of creatures pop up, and the storyline keeps you rooting for the wizards to overcome the Darknesse  that is trying to take over the Castle.  

I would highly recommend this to any young reader who enjoys magic and fantasy.  And it's going to be a movie!  Check out this website for more fun with Septimus Heap.

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