Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Sometimes I need a mental break in my reading.  Sophie Kinsella is just the author to put a smile on your face and the sun back in the day.  Her latest, I've Got Your Number is a fun read about Poppy Wyatt, a young physical therapist, who's happily engaged to a hot hot man--Magnus.  He's given her a beautiful emerald engagement ring that's a family heirloom, and she's happily looking forward to their upcoming marriage.

And then she loses the ring.  Just a few days before Magnus' parents--two extremely smart people who intimidate Poppy to no end--are coming back to London from an overseas trip.  Oh crap.  

This begins Poppy's desperate attempt to find the ring in a hotel ballroom, have her phone stolen while looking for the ring, and finding a phone pitched in a garbage can in said hotel.  She picks up the phone and thus begins a relationship with Sam Roxton.  Sam's assistant suddenly quit, tossed her phone, and now Sam's desperately trying to save a business deal.  Poppy and Sam begin a correspondence of emails, texts, and phone calls on this phone that Poppy will not give up--until she gets a phone call that someone has found her ring.  Meanwhile, Poppy plots to keep Magnus and his parents from finding out the ring is missing, and Sam's workplace is soon the center of a scandal.  Can the key be Poppy?

It's a fun novel about thinking you know what you want, but realizing maybe it's not.  Meeting someone because of a lost phone is probably not real high on the reality scale, but Kinsella does manage to make it seem plausible.  Will Poppy marry Magnus, or will her growing phone relationship with Sam interrupt her plans for happily ever after?  I liked Sam a lot.  Poppy seemed kinda like a ditz.  There were times where she could have just confessed to the lost ring, but that would have made the story pretty darn short.  

Rating:  3/5; a fun frolic for an afternoon, but predictable.  


  1. I love Sophia Kinsella... she doesn't take up too much brain energy and its lighthearted for me after a much draining day! Think I am going to have to buy this one!! Thanks for the review Sue!

    1. You are so welcome, my dear! She also writes under the name Madeline Wickham and has lots of fun books by that name, too.