Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reading Off The Shelves: How Am I Doing?

I'm starting month two of my Read Off The Shelves Challenge.  How am I doing?  

Okay.  I've been a bad person.  I've bought more books.  

But! I have been reading books off my shelves, just not as many as I had hoped. Why do authors keep producing books I want to read?!  What have I read off the shelves lately?

Blood on the Table  (a book about the history of the New York City Office of the Medical Examiner)

This Dark Endeavor (a teen book about Victor Frankenstein as a teenager)

Bloodline ( a teen novel about Dracula's family)

I've been picking away at my ARC pile, too.  I've finished the delightfully fun and frothy I've Got Your Number
This one comes out this month!

And finally finished an entertaining novel about Ancient Egypt, a modern struggle in Tibet, and a mysterious perfume that triggers past life memories:
Loved this!  I'll post a longer review in an upcoming post.  This book will be out in the bookstores and as an e-book in March.

So you see, I have been doing a bit of both reading off the shelves, and reading books on the floor and on my Nook.  Two more months to go on my challenge.  I see empty spots on my bookcases, which won't be hard to fill--trust me.  There are still many many more books to read and pass on to others.  I'd better get busy and start another one....hmmmm....what should I read next?

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