Friday, July 20, 2012

Read Off The Shelves: It's All Greek To Me

I've been reading so many great books, but let's face it:  they're all serious stuff and it's getting me down.  Time to read something fun and frothy!  And boy oh boy, this was fun and hot.
It's All Greek To Me by Katie MacAlister is pure entertainment and certainly saved me from falling into a pit of bummed-outness.  After reading books about World War 2, women being manipulated by men, and other unhappy situations, I needed this book--thank you Katie MacAlister!

I found this on my bookshelves and dived right in.  There's not much plot at all, but I didn't mind.  "Harry" (real name:  Eglantine) Knight is doing a favor for a friend and travels to a small island near Greece to babysit a band that's been hired to play at a young woman's birthday party.  This young woman has a brother (Iakovos) who is rich, super handsome and hot.  He owns the island.  And during a bit of a situation involving Iakovos' younger brother, Harry soon meets him and is instantly in lust.  Iakovos feels the same way--and they hit the sack soon after.  It's a case of both being utterly smitten by the other, and unable to keep their hands to themselves.  Harry is a successful author, and her personality is one that keeps Iakovos on his toes--she's outspoken, funny, carefree, and completely opposite from his usual lovers.    Katie MacAlister does a great job turning up the steam in this book.  Who needs whips and chains to make it exciting when you've got this woman writing some great sex scenes!

There really are no issues for Harry and Iakovos (or Yacky, as she calls him) to get through and you know there's a happy ending.  But that is what makes this brain candy so much fun.  It's so utterly beyond reality that you don't even try to believe it could happen to someone--and that's perfectly fine with me.  It's been years since I've read a Katie MacAlister novel, and now I'm sure I will return to the romance section at my bookstore and pick up a few more of her books to keep on hand for those moments when I need a happy story.  

Rating:  3/5 for sheer fun, a super hot hero, and the perfect escape novel.

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