Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top Ten Teen Reads of 2012: Some Pretty Good Stuff Here!

I don't know what it is about Christmas, but it seems to suck all the time out of my life and leave me ragged and only wanting some quiet time.  I've put together my list of my ten favorite teen reads of 2012.  They run the gamut--which says a lot about the quality of the novels I'm finding in the teen section of our bookstore.  They are amazing!  And so many that I just didn't get to read in 2012.  Add 'em to the 2013 list....it's already impossibly long.  

Without further ado.....here's my top ten:


Prudence sets out to help find the source of a deadly typhoid outbreak in New York City, and sets the course for a showdown between emerging modern medicine and old beliefs.  Loved this! 

9.  Oh, this was good!  Young Victor Frankenstein suffers an horrible loss, and decides to travel down a dark path to achieve the impossible.  Fantastic, well written, and oh so good.

8.  Young Sherlock Holmes is 14 in 1868 when he's sent to his Uncle's home for the summer and gets tangled up in a mystery that threatens the security of England.  Clever and fun mystery. 

7.  Set in White Cemetery near Chicago, this novel is told chapter by chapter by  different teen ghosts that remain trapped near their graves. They've all died odd deaths from the 1860's to present day.   Smart, interesting, and great for late night reading.

6.  Oh, a very smartly written novel about a young girl's race against time to save her town from a horrible horrible fate--courtesy of the medicine show that decides to stop for a visit.  

5.  A novel that lingers with you and keeps you unsettled long after you've finished it.  Young Charlie climbs out a window late one night to help Jasper, and gets entangled in a mystery that will rock his small town.  Brilliant writing.

4.  Young Lina finds herself, her mother, and brother on a train bound for Siberia during World War 2.  Lithuania is not a safe place, after all.  Great historical fiction that will leave you haunted and in tears.  

3.  Laini Taylor can imagine worlds that take your breath away.  Join Karou in Prague as she learns about her past--and the dangers it represents.  Simply amazing!

2.  Sherman Alexie can write one hell of  story.  Add in art by Ellen Forney, and Junior's story about leaving the Indian reservation school to attend the white kids' school miles away will make you laugh, cry, and never forget Junior.  One of the best teen books I've ever read.  Twice.  

1.  Seraphina, you pulled me in, and I knew I was reading something special within a few pages.  Dragons, secrets, learning who you are, unlimited love, and devious people are all mixed up in this magical, musical novel.  A must read for anyone who loves to read about dragons.  Rachel Hartman has created a world you won't want to leave. 

So there you have it!  I can't wait to dig into my reads for 2013.  What were your favorite teen novels of 2012?  What are you looking forward to reading the most?  

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  1. I loved Between Shades of Gray and Daughter of Smoke and Bone as well. Great choices!