Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews

I remember reading my first Mary Kay Andrews novel years ago--Savannah Blues.  Loved it, but fell off the wagon and didn't pick up her novels for years.  This is the second Mary Kay Andrews novel I've read in the past year, and I remembered why I liked her writing that very first time I read Savannah Blues.

Spring Fever is kinda like chick-lit for women who have loved and lost, are out of their 20's, and have lived a little.  There is a good balance between romance, comedy, and a strong woman figuring out what she wants in life.  

Annajane is in her mid-30's, divorced, and living in a small apartment in the tiny town of Passcoe.  She works for the biggest employer in town, the Quixie beverage company--makers of a cherry cola that's been popular in the South for decades.  It's one of the last small family owned beverage companies around, and it's fallen on some hard times. 

Annajane's "spring fever" begins with her attending the wedding of her ex-husband Mason to Celia, a beautiful, poised, smart, and manipulating woman.  Annajane's marriage to Mason ended 5 years before--she even still works for him at Quixie!  But feelings are never far from the surface, and before Annajane can make a fool out of herself, Mason's young daughter Sophie throws up all over herself just before the bride walks down the aisle.  

The wedding is postponed as Sophie has emergency surgery for appendicitis; Mason and Annajane have time to realize maybe, just maybe their feelings for one another are too large to ignore.  

And Celia.  A nasty bit of work.  She's got an agenda, and she's determined to marry Mason.  She's got a few tricks up her sleeve...

This novel has a great cast of characters.  Not only Annajane, but little Sophie with her pink glasses and big heart; Pokey, Annajane's best friend and Mason's sister, and Sallie, Mason's mother and a thorn in Annajane's side.  Poor Mason has a mess on his hands--dealing with Celia, his mother, his feelings for Annajane, and trying to keep Quixie from being sold to a larger company.  

How will it all work out?  Can't tell you!  But I will say it was an enjoyable summer novel--just enough drama and humor, and lovely characters you get to know and enjoy.  

Rating:  7/10 for a solid story, great characters, and a satisfying conclusion.

Availabie in hardcover, paperback, and e-book.

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