Wednesday, July 6, 2016

TBR Pile for July: A Bit of This, a Bit of That

I've had that awful realization many times in the past few weeks:  that one where I settle into bed at night and it dawns on me that I haven't read more than 2 pages in one of my many books all day.  No wonder I was getting crabby by the end of the day.  

This is unacceptable

So how do I fix it?  Do I stay up until all hours, trying to squeeze in more reading?  Of course this means I won't be awake during my work day.  Do I go to bed early, and get up earlier to read for a bit before I go to work?  Or do I just keep plugging along all week, trying to carve out time where I can read for more than five minutes before I fall asleep?  There isn't really a good solution.  Life is just crazy right now, and the one thing that keeps me calm is being squeezed out.  

I figure this is just a temporary issue, and sometime this summer I will be able to go for long periods of time reading and regaining my harmony with the world. I'm probably overly ambitious, but this is what I'm planning on reading and reviewing for the month of July:

A little bit of magic, a little bit of romance, a little bit of history.  And who could resist a novel about bartenders who keep the world safe from monsters by drinking the perfect cocktail?  Not me.  I'll never look at a screwdriver the same way again.  

Stay tuned for reviews! 


  1. We have been having some work done on our house and I have not gotten to read as much as I usually do. It makes me crabby too! Looking forward to your reviews of these interesting books!

    1. Amazing how things snowball and next thing you know you're juggling so many projects!