Sunday, July 31, 2016

Upcoming Reads for August: When the TBR Pile is Bigger Than Your House...

My niece was visiting me a few weeks ago, and of course I said "come look at my bookshelves and see what you want to read."  Amber and I have a long history of reading books, and I'm happy to say she loves to read and always says "I'll read whatever you tell me to read."  

This is the young woman who used to spend the weekend with me when I was still living with my parents, in the late 80's.  I'd make brownies, and Amber would snuggle into bed with a Harlequin Presents.  She was only 3 years old, and couldn't read, but she loved the idea of reading.  So she would lay in bed next to me and turn the pages of those romances, not understanding what those squiggly lines meant, but knowing her Auntie spent a lot of time staring at them.  She'd even turn pages.  I am a big believer in showing kids the importance of books and reading from the earliest of ages.  Showing them the pleasure and sheer joy of reading sets them on the path of literacy that will enrich their lives and often times bring them comfort during lonely, sad, and hard times.     

Me and my little reading companion, late 1980's

She's all grown up, and I have less hair!  

 Anyway, every book I looked at on my shelves I couldn't give to Amber, simply because I hadn't read it yet.  Yes, I'm ashamed to say, a large majority of the books on my shelves (and on the floor next to the shelves) are books I've bought but haven't read.  Yikes!  I did manage to send her home with a stack of books, but it was a wake up call to get my butt in gear and start reading what I have on my shelves.  So, here's my list of books I'll be striving very hard to read and review for the month of August:

Reading for my Lunch and Book talk at work!

A novel about the healing power of books

The sequel to The Cake Therapist

My friend Kirk loaned me his copy--can't wait to read this thriller.

I'm part way through this, and I love it!

A futuristic London where lies are exposed by wisps of smoke

A chance to win a copy coming soon!!

 I know--I'm pretty ambitious this month.  There are still a few books from July that I've started, but haven't finished just yet.  And there are, of course, those rogue books that pop up during my month that I just have to read.  But for the most part, this is what I'm aiming for in August.  I'll be having a giveaway for The Girl Who Slept With God coming in the next few weeks, so watch for it!  

Happy reading everyone!

The Bookalicious Babe


  1. I have a similar relationship with my second granddaughter. And she is already an actress at age 15, doing well in her high school theater program. Pride swells the heart. No shame on the TBR towers. I always figure if we have a disaster and the internet goes down, I have plenty to read! But I have the same plan for August.

    1. I keep telling myself I'll whittle down the piles, but it's been years now, and they don't get any smaller.