Thursday, December 22, 2016

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

I like Anna Kendrick.  I first became aware of her watching Twilight, as Bella's friend at her new high school.  Didn't think much of it; it was a small part. Next thing I know, she's appearing alongside George Clooney in Up in the Air; that garners her an Oscar nomination.  What?!  Then I see she can sing and upon further investigation, was on Broadway at age twelve and nominated for a Tony.  Holy crap.  And she's barely thirty years old.

May I also mention her twitter comments are hilarious?  Anna's memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody, is funny, self-deprecating, and full of all the angst and guessing we all go through when we're just starting out in life and have no clue who we are and what we want.  She was always a tiny person and looked years younger than she actually was; this proved to be both an advantage when it came to casting, and a disadvantage when it came to casting.  She loves being on stage, and theater is her first love; acting in Hollywood was the next obvious step for her.  She chronicles her teen and early twenties working, then not working; getting paid peanuts and trying to fit in, but often times not and feeling like a loser. 

But miracle of miracles, Anna finally figures herself out, and feels comfortable in her own skin.  Yes, she's hilarious-- she's that friend you have who always has a witty aside, talks with her hands in constant motion, and is completely unaware of just how charming and beautiful they really are to everyone else. 

 Anna discusses her early forays into romance at the age of nineteen, and her unapologetic enthusiasm for being a woman who enjoys sex is refreshing.  No, she's not a slut, and gets pretty pissed at her first boyfriend, who complains that it's no fun when she is always ready for sex--no chase, no fun for him.  And yes, she's rightfully ticked off at him for making that comment.  There is a difference between sleeping around just for sex's sake, and being a partner who enjoys having monogamous sex with someone they care about.  

Anna is ballsy, smart, talented, and her memoir was such fun to read.  Her peek into Hollywood and the craziness of it all is a good reminder of how the world can sometimes make us think we've got it wrong, when we've got it right.  Yes, she smokes pot, and yes, she drinks; those things didn't bother me; Anna is fully capable of taking care of herself (even if she does want to eat ice cream sandwiches for breakfast) and in my opinion, never in danger of losing her sense of self.  

Anyone who is a fan of Anna Kendrick, or even anyone who has no idea who she is, may find this an enjoyable read from the perspective of a young Hollywood up-and-comer who is down to earth and fully aware of the circus around her. 

Rating:  7/10.  Available in hardcover, e-book, and audio.

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  1. Sounds like a good memoir?/autobiography, if you can call it that when she is still so young.