Thursday, November 1, 2018

November Reads: Where I Double Down and Read Like a Crazy Book Lady

October, you wore me out. Seriously. Does it sound weird that the only "relaxing" thing I did all month was spend a few hours in my back yard picking up branches and cutting down plants? October was a whirlwind, and between a busy schedule and the encroaching darkness (time falls back this Sunday!) I am in need of some home alone time with my books. My plan for November is to go to work, fulfill my social obligations (which I've limited), work out, and otherwise be home. Reading while burning my 'Fall Day' candle, curled up under my comfy couch blanket.

It's an ambitious read list this month, and by the looks of my book choices, I'll be traveling the world a bit, too. Always good to break away from my usual reads and delve into different genres, authors, and settings. So here's what's on my list for November reads:

Reading this for two book groups. A novel set in Korea, about generations of a Korean family. Lots of great reviews; I'm anxious to dive in. It will take me some time to read it, but I have a deadline of November 20th to finish it for discussion.

I won a copy of this novel! Wahoo! Colombia in the 1990's... not my usual read.  
The latest in the Elementals Series by Mercedes Lackey. I love this series, and I miss reading my Sci-Fi/Fantasy. A welcome palate cleanser for my historical fiction reads. 

An ARC I received that looks like a remake of A Roman Holiday. Should be a fun, light read. 

I'm reading this now. About the 1986 fire at the Central Los Angeles Library that decimated the collection. Who did it, and why? 
Of course you know I'll be reading other books, too. They flit in and out and sometimes demand I stop what I'm reading and read them first. It happens on a regular basis...well, actually, weekly. 

November is my dedicated month to reading as much as I can, whenever I can. My top ten list is coming up at the end of December...can't wait to see what I pick at my favorite read of 2018. 

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