Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Holiday Picture Books: I Want Them All!

I was looking for a picture book to buy for my little nephew Elliott's first birthday, and I gravitated towards the holiday picture books, naturally. I love to read holiday picture books; there's something about them that brings back memories of past Christmas anticipation and looking at our Christmas tree all lit up and sparking at night. I did pick out one book for Elliott, but I also spent some time reading a few others.  

This is a classic, and the message is wonderful. A too-tall Christmas tree is trimmed, and each succeeding new tree is trimmed, all the way down to the smallest recipient.

Why won't the fox eat this tasty gingerbread boy?  Why is he such a tough cookie?  Funny illustrations, and a sweet surprise.

Jan Brett's illustrations never cease to amaze me. You can't help but linger over each page. Who is the mysterious Santa who is leaving presents for the animals? Can you guess?

Elliott got The Animal's Santa for his birthday gift. He's a budding book lover, and I hope this picture book becomes a favorite one for him every Christmas. 

Elliott enjoying his birthday cake

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  1. Hahaha I'm going to grab a copy of Tough Cookie for my 9yo. She still enjoys the occasional picture book, and that sounds perfect for her!