Sunday, December 2, 2018

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses by Jenny Hale

Well, here's number 2 of my holiday reads, and the cheese factor on this one was pretty high. 

Abby is a single mom who has a natural talent for interior decorating, but chose the practical career of nursing to be able to provide a steady income for herself and her son Max. Caring for an elderly woman as a private nurse, she's given the chance of a lifetime: decorating a mansion for millionaire Nick Sinclair, the grandson of her client. Nick's rich, a workaholic, and very alone in his sparsely filled home. His family is coming to his home for Christmas, so he's got to have it decorated ASAP. Based on his grandmother's recommendation, he gives Abby the job, his credit card, and the opportunity to do whatever she wants to his home. He also pays her a tidy sum, one that will help her provide for her ailing Grandfather and provide a Christmas for her son that she's never been able to do. 

Of course Nick is handsome, and plays a mean piano. He also writes his own compositions, but never shares his passion, and instead focuses on keeping his late father's business growing and prospering.  He's a guy with tons of money who has no one to spend it on. One thing I thought was weird was his nonchalance in spending huge sums of money on whatever, but then telling Abby that he couldn't just stop working so hard because he had to make a lot of money. Huh? How about not tossing money around?! 

Anyway, Abby is beautiful, talented, and able to break through Nick's busy work world to slowly get him to realize there's more to life than working. They both fall for each other, but Nick's determined to move to New York (they live in Richmond, VA) and sell his home after Christmas. Can they have a future together? How will this all work out?

It is a very Cinderella-like story, for sure. There's no hot sex; it's full of longing looks and "Oh darn I'm falling in love" moments.  It is a Hallmark movie, for sure. But, if you're looking for a feel-good holiday tale, with a happy ending, this is the one for you. The issues facing Abby and Nick didn't even give me a moment's angst that they wouldn't be worked out. No emotional rollercoaster here, just a steady story that's really a modern fairy-tale with a happy ending.

Rating:  3/6 for a holiday romance that is picture perfect in every way. Suitable for fans of Debbie Macomber or folks who adore Hallmark holiday movies. 

Available in paperback and ebook.   

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