Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boldly Attempting Something I Haven't Done for Years

I was thinking the other day that a month hasn't gone by where I haven't bought books.  I've managed to go a week without buying a book, but that's my limit.  This usually happens to all of us--when you don't have the money, you see all sorts  of things you want; when you have the money to spend, nothing appeals.  I really want a funky watch to keep track of my running miles, and one way to get it is to not buy books for a period of time.

So I decided that starting August 1st, I am going to stop buying books for one month.  I'd like to see just how much money I have left over without spending it on books.  It may very well kill me.  Seriously--it's probably been 20 years since I haven't faithfully bought books if not every week, then every two weeks.  
This is supposed to stop me from buying books

I have so many books at home to read, it really is ridiculous.  I won't get through them all in one month, but since I have around 50 more books to read this year to reach my 100 goal, I probably have close to that many at home that are quietly waiting (some much longer than others) to be picked up and enjoyed.  

In reaction to my decision last night, I immediately bought some books.  I have a few books on order, and I hope they get here before August 1st.  I'm not sure what to do about them.  This also includes buying e-books on my NOOK.  If it ain't free, it's not going on the NOOK.  Since the NOOK is fairly new in my life, it doesn't really present much of a temptation for me.  I can contain my book buying impulses, since I just put the NOOK away and don't look at it.  

At home, however, I have bookcases in my living room, in my dining room, and shelves of books above my bed and across from my bed on the wall.  I am literally (he he) surrounded by books when I sleep.  

So wish me luck on curtailing my spending.  I certainly won't be without anything to read!  I'll keep you posted on my journey through August.