Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh My Gosh--August is Full of Books!

I love to share what I've read with customers at my bookstore, and that means I am constantly reading.  In the past, I've hosted what I called "Ladies' Night Out" events where I talked about books I'd read over the past year to a group of women, providing treats from our cafe and hopefully generating some sales for our store.  I usually panic and try cram a load of books into a short period of time.  

Well, I've done it again.  In early August, we're having a tea for local librarians, and last year my Children's Lead Kirk and I talked about new teen reads for the librarians.  They loved the presentation, and bought quite a bit for their libraries.  Many of these librarians have said they've seen a large growth in teens interested in reading, but they just aren't quite sure what to stock on their shelves.  So, we give them ideas, and let them know what's popular in our store.  So this year, Kirk, Lindsey (the other Children's Lead), and I are each going to talk about teen books.  It's a little less daunting since we each decided to talk about 3-4 books, rather than 10 books each.  I'm working on that now, since it's only a few short weeks away.

I got a call yesterday from a book group that meets at one of the local grocery stores--this particular store has cooking classes and wine tastings frequently, so it's no surprise they have a reading group focused on books about food.   Last year, I did a presentation on  food writing titles that I had read, since this is one subject I love to read about.  They've requested another presentation--in August!  Arrgh!!  I'm happy to do it, but realize I haven't read too many food -themed books lately.  I just made a large purchase of some fun stuff to read, and have about 6 weeks to get as much read as possible.  I should reach my goal of 100 books pretty easily this year, if I read everything I've currently purchased and have waiting at home on the shelves, on the floor, near my bed, on the chair.  Oh my golly!  

I think I will take C-Joy's  clever jar idea and use it to read the ten or so titles for next month.  Luckily, these are all titles I have picked out, and am excited to read, so it won't be a drudge.  Sometimes working in a bookstore gives me too many darn choices!  Once again, is there any way to read  (and not listen to!) a book and run?  Maybe this will spur me to run faster, so I can get home and tuck into a book.  Hey, what a smart idea!  Improve my running time and have time to read more!  Now, if only I could fit in cooking and cleaning!  

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