Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Getting Closer...

Tomorrow is my cut off day.  I have another pile of books on my desk--luckily, one of my orders came in before August 1st!  I think this is going to be harder than I expected.  I love chocolate, and I have given that up twice for my version of Lent the past two years.  So I'm thinking, ok, I can do this.  But I think I have ink running through my veins, and that effects my ability to step away from an intriguing book.  How do some people never read?  Really?  You never read?  Is that possible?  How do you pass the time in an airport, at a restaurant, waiting for people, waiting for anything without a book to occupy your time?  Stop that texting and pick up a book and read!

So here's my plan:
My plan is no plan.  Just grab a book off the shelf and read it.   Enjoy it.   Blog about it.  Share it with others.

 D and I have agreed to help keep each other on the straight and narrow when the temptation may be too great and one of us wavers.  It's only a month, right?


  1. No way - THE D is doing this as well? I gotta see this one. I know you can do it & I'm glad you have moral support at work now :-D

  2. It would be a cinch if I didn't have to stare at books all day! I am going to have a notepad to write down all the "wanna haves" --I admit I can't possibly remember them all!