Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oops-I Didn't Make It Til Sept 1st

I blew it.  What can I say?  Faithfully dodging well meaning co-workers, avoiding looking too intently at the stacks of books at work, and diligently spending my money on must have basic living stuff in August, I made it until August 28th.  And then I fell.

I had a great 40% off coupon for Juliet,  by Anne Fortier.  Better than my employee discount.  I read plenty of reviews online, and got a big thumbs up on this novel.  The coupon expired on August 30th.  Dang it.  I caved.  I didn't really feel too bad about it, either.  I made it 28 days--that is probably the longest I've gone without buying a book or magazine for myself in 20 years.  Really.  No kidding.

So what did I learn in the month of August?  Well, I can  go without buying a book.  The sun didn't shine quite as brightly, the birds were sorta quiet, and flowers just didn't look so colorful.  My world was a little dimmer.  But, I did read some great books, and I earmarked a few on my shelves to tackle.  I learned some self-restraint, which was the most important part.  I'll be a bit choosier in my purchases.  But, taking a new book home,  the happiness, anticipation, and down-right giddiness I feel opening a book I've been waiting to read will always keep my coming back and opening my wallet.  Used books?  Heck no.  I like my books new.  I don't like to borrow books, and I don't have a library card.  I am a new book person, and I feel no remorse or guilt for it!  Bring on the new books!  Can you guess I'm not a big fan of antiques, either?  Is this from growing up in a large family, with hand me downs and just making do with cheap stuff?  Maybe.  Or maybe I just like new, unread books without a cracked spine or bent pages.  A book that has that "new car" smell.  That's what I like.

Happy reading!  Woohoo!!!


  1. Close only counts in horseshoes, hand granades, and from now on -book buying challenges :-D Congratulations! So, when will the new watch be making its home with you?

  2. Probably not for a while, yet. Truck repairs are front and center! Ick. Continuing to put the change in the margarita bucket!

  3. If it was February you would have made it. So lets just say that August and February have switched places for this year and YEA!! YOU DID IT! Congrats!

  4. Thanks, Dawn! Be careful with the hurricane and have a good time with your Mom and Dad!

  5. Go you! (From someone who gets all her (tatty) magazines from the library and her books second-hand...)