Sunday, February 20, 2011

666 Park Avenue: A Modern Witch Story

I somehow keep finding novels about witches.  I have always been fascinated by the history of witchcraft, and the infamous, horrible witch hunts in Europe and America.  Whenever I come across a novel about witches, I usually read it.  It seems that there are many popping up in the book world in the past few years!  

This is a book about modern witches--no Salem witch hunt, no small English village.  Jane Boyle is a young woman living in Paris, who has a whirlwind romance with Malcolm.  He proposes, and whisks her away to New York City, to stay in the family mansion leading up to their wedding.

But once in New York City, Jane senses things aren't what they seem.  She discovers Lynne, Malcolm's mother, is the matriarch in a very odd family of witches, and she is out to enfold Jane into the family.

Why?  Jane is a witch, too.  I can't tell you how she finds out, but she does, and she fights to be free from the encroaching danger of Malcolm's family.

This was a great read.  I found it refreshing to read a contemporary tale about witches (in New York City, no less). No vampires, no werewolves--just the modern world, and some nasty witches who use their power to get what they want.

I hope this story continues--I would love to read about Jane's further adventures.  This is no light and happy story; Jane is caught up in a dangerous situation.  But it isn't too dark, and there are great characters.

Pick it up and read it!

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