Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

If you've never heard of Kate Mosse, I'm here to tell you to read her!  Labyrinth, her first novel, knocked me over, it was so fantastic.  Historical fiction at it's absolute best.  I was ready to pack my bags and journey to France pronto.  It has since, and will always, remain one of my favorite  reads.  Ever.  Do yourself a favor and find a copy. 

Here's her latest book.  It was published in England a while ago, but has finally made it over to the U.S.  It also takes place in France.  This is my quickie review from Goodreads:

A story about a young man, Freddie, who is lost in the grief of losing his brother George during World War 1. His search for peace leads him to a small village in France, where, on a cold winter's night, he meets Fabrissa. Is she real? A ghost? How will she help him overcome his grief? 

This is a great tale. I love Kate Mosse and her use of actual historical events during the Middle Ages in France. What happened then still haunts the people, villages, and mountains. It's a quick read, but very thoughtful. 

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