Monday, February 28, 2011

1/4th Of The Way To My Goal!

#25!  I can't believe I've finished 25 books since January 1st.  Wow.  I look back on my list, and I'm pretty happy with what's on it.  The last few books I've read have been a bit of a disappointment.  Don't you hate it when you've looked forward to a book, and then it turns out to be not so great, after all?  

Tomorrow is March 1st.  A whole new month.  I will keep working on my NetGalley  books on my NookColor. I have quite a few books to read in preparation for a two day book sale at Beyond Rubies, which is a women's conference held at the local community college every March.   Our store sets up shop, and we talk talk talk about books.  It's a great chance to handsell some of my favorites.  I've got a few at home I need to read before that, so I can talk about them at the conference.  Here's a few of my upcoming must read books; I hope I enjoy them all:

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