Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel

Dust Girl  by Sarah Zettel is the first in the American Fairy Trilogy, and I will be reading the rest of this trilogy.  Why?  Cause this isn't your usual teen fairy story.

Callie LeRoux lives in a small town in Kansas during the Dust Bowl.  Her mother runs the Imperial Hotel, and not too many people are left in town.  There is dust everywhere, in everything--even creeping into Callie's lungs, endangering her health.  Her mother refuses to leave town, claiming that Callie's father  will return to them--even though he's been gone since before Callie's birth.  

A major dust storm arrives, and Callie's mother disappears into it, leaving Callie alone at the hotel.  Callie's not a normal young girl, however.  Her father was the heir apparent to one of two warring fae factions, and now they're out to find Callie.  Not only is Callie half human/half fae, but she's also mixed race in a world where blacks were not welcome in hotels, restaurants, and towns.  She's got two secrets to keep and is on the run for her life with the help of Jack, a young boy who's trying to get to California.  

I liked this teen novel because it was completely different from other fae stories, which I usually don't read.  A fairy story taking place during the Dust Bowl?!  Now that is pretty different.  The historical aspect of this novel helps to keep it grounded and keeps you moving along, cheering Callie and Jack on as they use their wits and new-found magic skills to keep ahead of those who want to kill her.

Rating:  4/5  

Put this on your to be read list--it will be out in June, 2012.  Thanks to Netgalley for a review copy!  

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