Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reading From The Bookshelves: Black Wings and Black Night

 Working in a bookstore has given me the opportunity to see trends in books grow, spread to all genres, then fade.  The trend of a woman clad in leather, holding either a sword, huge gun, or sitting on a motorcycle, battling creatures that occupy our world, all the while discovering she is also partially supernatural and having a love interest from said supernatural world has been going on for a looooong time.  And it looks like it's not going away any time soon.

I tend to avoid most of these books, since they all seem to be the same and after trying to read quite  a few, I gave up and moved onto other books.  But I found these two on my bookshelves, and in keeping with my goal of clearing out and making space for new books, I read them both this week.

And I enjoyed them, too.  Black Wings by Christina Henry has a main character--Madeline Black, who has a gargoyle as her best friend and long time "protector"--Beezle.  He's a cute, chunky little gargoyle who flits around and loves donuts and popcorn.  Madeline's job is a bit different:  she collects souls from the recently deceased and makes sure they go to the "door" and go through it.  If they don't, that soul is stuck on earth for eternity--it becomes a ghost.  She inherited this job from her mother, who was murdered when Madeline was much younger.

But things aren't the same--someone is killing other agents, and their souls are being lost.  Madeline soon has a mysteriously hot man--Gabriel--renting the other apartment in her home, and by golly, don't ya know there's more to Madeline and Gabriel that you could ever imagine.  What I like about Madeline is that she's slightly overweight, she's hopeless about many things, but at the same time has some great potential to kick some supernatural butt!  And she likes to cook.

Madeline is somehow connected to fallen angels, Gabriel is there to protect her, and holy cow does she have super powers!  I won't tell you what or how.  Just know that both novels are enjoyable, and I will read the third novel in this series.  If you like Jim Butcher, you would probably enjoy these.  The complex relations Madeline encounters can be a bit confusing, so you do need to pay attention.  They are a great way to pass a few cold, snowy winter nights!

Rating:  3/5  for both novels

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