Sunday, January 1, 2012

What's Up January!

I promised myself I would start off the year reading what I have at home, so January is now renamed "Revisit the Bookshelves" Month.  I am going to begin my reading year by only reading what I have at home and what has been patiently waiting on the shelves, on the floor, on the dresser, and...well...you get the picture.  

Some goals I hope to work on this year:

A regular posting of book reviews twice a week

A new podcast once a week

Learning magic so I can achieve all this and more!

It's very windy, cold, and gloomy today, so I'm sipping hot tea and staying curled up on the couch reading a wonderful young adult book recommended by my friend C-Joy:  A String in the Harp by Nancy Bond.  I've been pecking away at it for months, and it is my first read for January.  It's cold in Wales, and it's cold here, so it's a perfect book to read today!

What's your first read of the year?  

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  1. Are you ready to go to Wales yet?!? My 1st read was Hot House Flower :-D Happy New Year!