Friday, September 17, 2010

I've Hit #70! 30 More To Go to Hit 100 Books This Year--How About 101?

Ghost of a Chance by Simon Green is my 70th book to read this year.  At least, I think so.  I tried to remember everything I'd read since January, and even by looking at my bookcases, I pieced it together as best I could.  So, I have 30 more books to read before midnight on December 31st.  I'm fairly confident I can do it.  After all, I have no problem reading wherever and whenever I can.  If I had the ability to get by on only 4 hours of sleep like Martha Stewart, I could really enjoy so many more great books! Sadly, my eyes and my brain beg for more than 4 hours of rest each night.  And I hate to think of all the carbs I would be eating because of my lack of sleep.  Jabba  The Hut would look like a Mini Me.

Anyway, I loved this novel.  It's the first in a new series by Simon Green.  Otherworldly  beings, some very ancient, are working in England to destroy mankind.  Only Melody, Happy, and JC can work together to stop the forces at work.  It was a quick read; reminded me of Jim Butcher.  I will certainly read the next in the series!  A perfect book to read on  a cool, dark Fall night, waiting for Ghost Adventures to start on The Travel Channel.

Looking over my list of read books, I'm amazed  at what I've read.  I usually read more non-fiction than what I have this year, so that was a surprise.  Most of the books I've read have definitely been page turners, and even if I haven't reviewed them, I have enjoyed everything I've read.  I never used to read reviews about books before I bought them;  in my quest to spend my money more wisely, I have taken to reading reviews from other readers before I buy something I'm on the fence about.    People have sent me in the right direction and I've appreciated their opinions.

So what's next?  Well, continuing to read my "required" reading by next week.  Also, looking forward to some really great new Teen titles coming out next month.  Wolf Hall is looming; Oct 1st is my starting date.  I'm determined to get through the whole book, and with a short reading time, I won't have time to dilly dally.  I'm reading Time Enough for Love; it is tough going.  I'm about 50 pages in and think I'm turning the corner and getting to the meat of the story.  I've decided I have to read some fun stuff while reading the tough stuff, so I'm going to read a Sherilyn Kenyon novel--always have been curious why she's so darn popular.  I have an ARC of the new Alice Hoffman novel out in January--The Red Garden.  I'm trying to resist diving right in but it's hard!

So, off the computer and onto  the couch.  If I miss a bit of Ghost Adventures I can alway watch it again later.  The books, however, are calling me back.

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