Monday, September 27, 2010

Winter Bloom--A Garden in Dublin

I received an ARC of this novel and was eager to read it.  Winter Bloom by Tara Heavey is a novel about a walled garden in Dublin that brings five people together, each of whom has a troubled past.  There's Eva, who has lost her husband and daughter to a car accident, leaving her to raise her small son Liam on her own; Mrs. Prendergast, the owner of the garden, who's cool demeanor covers a soul that's been bruised and battered; Emily, a young woman who has had to make a heart wrenching decision, and Seth and Uri, a son and his father who are finding their way through a rocky patch.

The garden brings them all together, as they set about turning a badly beraggled garden back into the beauty it once was, years ago.  Through the year, the reader learns each character's back story, and how they are moving forward in their lives.  The end is delightful, and just what you would hope for as a reader.

If you're a fan of Emily Giffin, Donna Ball, Kristin Hannah, or Karen White, pick this one up.  The garden lore and facts are always interesting, even if you don't have a gardening background.  This book may very well push you towards planning a garden for next spring.

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  1. this looks good, you need to incl 1-5 stars to make it easy to know what you really think! i want 4-5s only these days, not enough time to get to everthing~