Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Few Months Of Reading Material

Just a few books

Wow.  I know I've said before that I have a lot of books piled up at home for my "to read" list, but I decided to gather some of them together and see just what I was up against for the next few months.  I was also curious as to my reading choices.  I've noticed that I'm reading much more historical fiction and paranormal that I used to. My non-fiction reading has been noticeably missing, and I can only figure out that it's because I've been focusing so  darn much on  fiction and teen reads!  But I am eyeing the new history book on Cleopatra, and a few biographies that look like fun.  We'll see where the whims of my reading appetite take me.

Right now, I've started A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness:  

This will be out in a few months, and it promises to be a huge hit.  I can say I am completely intrigued by the story of a modern witch, a vampire scientist, and an ancient manuscript that has secrets only the witch can decipher.  It's completely different than the usual paranormal book and I am eagerly turning the pages!  I'll post a review as soon as I've finished.  I have a very good feeling about this one!  And curiously enough, it's categorized as fiction to appeal to a broad range of people who like a good adventure with mystery thrown in.

As far as Christmas titles; well, I must admit I love to read romances at this time of year.  There's something to be said for the lure of  a love story that revolves around the holidays.  Not only is there a happy ending, but Christmas as a bonus, too.  If you're feeling a bit blue, check out the rather large selection of Christmas themed books at your local bookstore or library today.  And if you want to laugh hysterically, then read David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice:

Just don't drink anything while you're reading, cause you'll probably spit it out when you laugh.


  1. witches to sedaris, yep you have many whims! my piles are so high they can't even balance themselves... i think in jan i will only be allowed to read what i already own, no library, kindle or shopping whats so ever!

    someone will have to steal my car keys, disable the net and my 3g, it sounds to hard...

  2. I agree! I tell myself "do not buy anymore books" and yet as soon as that happens, I go to work and find another one! Oh well. I could have much worse vises, so I consider this one pretty harmless.