Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trying Not To Hyperventilate

19 Librarians.  Not 5, not 10, but 19.  That was the magical number I heard yesterday from our CRM, Judy.  She's organizing the Librarian Tea we are having next Wednesday.  Kirk and I swallowed heavily, then met in a huddle.  "I haven't read enough books!  Panic, Panic!"  After a few minutes, we both calmed down.  Yes, we have read enough books. We've read tons of teen books.  We're still reading teen books, and have a week to go.  

I still cringe whenever I have to speak in front of people.  My job has required me to do this, and I can't wait til the other kids in class all give their speeches, before I finally head to the front of the class. But--gulp-- I am the only kid that has to get up and speak!  But I have learned to do it, and I have also learned that it can be a bit of a nerve shaker when you look out at a crowd, and they're all sitting quietly, staring at you.  No reaction.  No facial expression.  Just staring.

I've been assured, that no, it's because what you're saying is so interesting.  I doubt that.  I know when I'm in a crowd, listening to someone up front, I'm usually figuring out what to make for supper, or going over a list of things to do.  I will tune in and out.  Now perhaps I'm just unable to sit still for any length of time, but I really think most people are like this.  

So anyway, I have a week left to try and read something else for the Librarians.  I know we'll have a great time, and they love to talk about books, and really care about providing titles that their patrons want.  It's all about getting kids into the library, and into reading.  So my small moments of being freaked out in front of a crowd are a sacrifice I'm willing to make, if it means a book I talk about will be on a library shelf, and soon in a kid's backpack after a visit to their local library.  

But, oh man, I am nail-biting nervous.  I think I have to go sit down and read for a bit.  

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  1. Hi there....thanks for stopping by...I really like your comment on this post about getting kids into the library to read....i have a 7 year old grandson...and I am ALWAYS over the moon happy when he is excited about a new book he is reading instead of his goofy video game thingeymagiggey!!

    Bless you ~~