Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Present From Bud-Yippee!~

My sweetie got me a great birthday present that I had to wait about a week to get:  The NOOKcolor.  Woohoo!  We just got some into our store today, and by golly, my name was in first batch of reservations.  I finally got smart and reserved mine right away, after Bud surprised me with the news that was my birthday gift.  

What a lucky lucky woman I am.  But, here's the rub, of course:  I'm too damn tired to play with it tonight! Yep, that's right.  It was a very busy day at work--Newt Gingrich is at our store tonight, promoting his latest historical fiction novel  Valley Forge   and as you can imagine, the phones were a'ringing all day with the usual questions.  Plus, it was just plain busy--people are holiday shopping now.  Getting home was a welcome relief.

So, I managed to get home, make a pizza, sip a beer, and plugged in my NOOKcolor to charge.  I got it registered, which synced all my books from my ebook library on my BN Account, and my other NOOK.  It comes with Pandora, which I had never heard of, so I played with that awhile.  Now I'm tired.  I just want to drink  some  chamomile tea and fall asleep.   Tomorrow I will attempt to play with it again and get comfortable with it.  But can I say it's neater than sh*t!!  Wow!  

I don't know how this will interfere with my: 1)NaNoWriMo writing extravaganza, and 2) Reading!  I'm in the middle of two books that are taking their sweet time speeding along.  They're both great reads, I just can't read for long before I journey to the Land of Nod.  

I'll post more information about the NOOKcolor when I get more of a chance to play with mine.  I've named it Hazel, just because that's what it feels like--Hazel.  My cover is on it's way, and then I'll have my complete NOOK experience.  Can't wait to show Bud all the gizmos and whatnots on it.  

My new toy/bookcase/radio/internet thingy


  1. I have the original Nook and probably won't switch to the color one until something goes wrong with my first one (which knock on wood won't happen). Still...that is so exciting.

    Found your blog through Cinderita and just had to follow anyone who loved books and would review them for me! :-)

    I have only reviewed one book on my site...One Day by David Nicholls. Check it out...


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    At first I felt like a traitor to books for buying a Nook but I quickly got over it when I realized how much more I read with it. I love the thing! I named mine "Erised" the name of the mirror from Harry Potter (and desire spelled backwards)...pretty dorky for a 30 yr old but I don't care. :-)

  2. Oh, I still buy regular books--it's just another way to read the books I don't want to keep! I may keep my other NOOK; I will have to see how reading on the color one goes. Either way, I'm happy with both of them! I will check out your blog--thanks for checking in.

    My first NOOK's name is SuperNOOK. Not very original, I know.

  3. congrats on your new toy, are all books in color, how does it differ? my husband has an ipad with kindle, its color, but books aren't... i love it though, the covers look so much prettier~

  4. I would be jealous, but I just KNOW Santa will bring me one for Christmas *goes to measure stocking to make sure it is big enough to hold a Nook Color*

  5. I will personally talk to Santa for you, C-Joy! And Yes, the books are color--kids books, cookbooks, magazines--it's got it all! I have to write for awhile, and then I will play with it.