Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rediscover Magic with Faery Tale

I loved this book.  Signe Pike is feeling disconnected from the world, and still deeply grieving the death of her father.  She decides to take a three month trip to England, Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man to find out if faeries really do exist.  Starting out with wanting to believe, but feeling skeptical and blocked by fear, she connects with people along her journey who, with the guidance of faeries, help her  slowly begin to experience the joy and magic of believing, and trusting her intuition to guide her where she needs to be.  If you're feeling a bit lost, and out of touch with nature, read this book. 

Signe visits with Brian and Wendy Froud; it is one of many eye-opening experiences she has during her journey.  Brian is world famous, of course, for his faery paintings.  One book that's mentioned is Brian Froud's World of Faery.  Signe asks him, does he see faeries when he paints?  And he says, he can picture them in his mind, but whenever he tries to focus on what they really look like, their images remain slightly out of view.  It's like seeing something out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look at it, it's not there.  I am certainly going to take a look at his paintings and illustrations with a closer eye. 

If you remember, as a child, being fascinated with faeries and the magical realm, rediscover that fascination.  I myself feel lighter and happier after reading this book.  I can't wait to revisit my flower gardens next spring; if I'm lucky enough, maybe I'll experience some magic!  I admit--I'm hooked.  I went to bed last night reading this book, and fell asleep thinking about Signe's journey.  I woke up in the middle of the night, and for a brief moment, felt complete and utter stillness in my house that felt "otherworldly".  I promptly went back to sleep.  Strange occurance?  Maybe.  I'll take it as I felt it.  

Signe has a blog, Faery Tale that you should check out.  Her experiences haven't stopped, which is what we can all hope for--wherever you go, you see magic in the world.  Be still, be quiet, and listen.  Respect Mother Nature, and take care of her, and connect with her.  Faeries like chocolate, so stock up!

Jean Baptiste Faery


  1. i am not a faery person, but i know i will be reading this, sounds delightful. the illustration is gorgeous~

  2. You'll find yourself slowing down outside, and looking around with all your senses. I'm all for more magic in our lives.

  3. so i have to ask, do you buy all new books, or do they let you borrow them from the store so you can sell them better :) i would have no paycheck...

    i agree, more magic in our lives... i live pretty slow as is~

  4. Well, I buy most of my books--probably 95%. I get a lovely employee discount which cushions the blow. I don't spend my money on much else--no music, DVD's, movies out. Clothes are all bought on sale, and I only have a few pairs of shoes. I would gladly spend my last bit of money on a good book. Surrounded by books every day, you just learn to really look at everything, and decide what you can live with, and what you can't. There's always the library and friends, too.

  5. You made my day! Thank you for the sweet comment! I love your blog! You are my inspiration to start reading more:)