Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Read for the Week

I've decided to have Mondays be my Random Read day.  Sometimes I have a difficult time picking something new to read because I have so many choices, so this is my solution.

Every Monday I will go to my bookshelves and pick a book I haven't read and read it that week.  This will not only get me to read the many mysteries, romances, and science fiction titles I have on my shelves, but stop me from dithering!

This week's pick is Defending Angels by Mary Stanton.  It's a mystery about a young woman who moves to Savannah to take over her uncle's law firm, but she finds the clients are already dead....hmmm.  Looks like a fun mystery!

And yes, the picture is of me.  I always like to wear a cap and a pretty dress when I read.  :)

If you didn't see my previous post, check it out and add what you're reading and your blog to the Linky!

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