Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Read Monday

Here it is Monday again, and I've got to pluck another book off the shelf to read.  This really is a great way to get through my backlog of books.  Seriously, some of them I bought 2-3 years ago and still haven't read.  This week's pick is the first novel in a teen series and takes place in Australia.  It reminded me of the movie Red Dawn, which I saw in my teens many moons ago:

Tomorrow, When the War Began
I think I need to mix up my reading a bit.  I seem to be falling into the witchy trap.  While I do love books with a witchcraft theme, I don't like to read one after another.  This girl needs a break, so the invasion of a country, with teens left to work out the mess, sounds like a complete and utter break from that theme, don't you think? I've had to delay starting some books I've picked out to read, but I will put them back on my Good Reads widget.  I will get back to them in a few weeks.

I have to say, I'm scrambling to get my Random Read Monday books read each week, since I'm also reading other books at the same time.  But I love it!  Mr. Linky will be here soon, so ready your list of what you've been reading this past week.  

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