Saturday, January 1, 2011

Start Your Reading Engines Now!

The reading challenge has begun.  What are you reading?  I just want to gather everything I have at home to read, put it in a big pile and stare at it.  But that would be weird, wouldn't it?  Instead, I'll write down what I have at home to read, and tell myself over and over that for the next two months, I have to read what I've already got.  The books I do want, but don't have, will be patiently waiting for me when I'm ready to buy them.

Get cracking, people!  It's too cold to do anything else, so pile on the blankets, grab a warm drink, and proceed to get your reading groove on.


  1. love your new look here :)

    i am ditto-ing you, i can't shop for three months, not even glance at amazon or step foot in a bookstore. i am overstocked to the gills, i have been hoarding for several weeks now, barely know what i bot i was so fast and furious to load up my kindles and bookshelves, i can't wait, i finished up my last library books, also off limits for 3 months, and read 2 books yesterday from my massive piles, LET THE FUN BEGIN!

  2. You sound as fired up as me! Happy reading! I will have to put on my blinders so I don't actually look at any books when I'm at work. It may very well kill me.

  3. I am re=reading Grace Eventually (thoughts on faith) by Anne Lamott....I felt I needed a little kick-start with humor and spirituality.

    But I do have a lot more new to read.



  4. Jo, I may re-read a few old favorites this year, too. And maybe try a classic of two.

  5. I am reading one of your suggestions...Juliet. :-) Can't wait to really dive into it. I just bought it.
    Happy New Year

  6. My family has a different twist on this challenge - we're reading 100 books in January, trying to raise money to build a library via Oxfam Unwrapped. Am guessing that doesn't fit with your challenge, as no one of us will read that many books this month, though it's very possible I'll clock it up by the end of the year....

  7. Jewels: I hope you love it as much as I did! I passed it along to my sister and she couldn't put it down.

    Liveotherwise: That is an amazing goal. I would give it a whack if I didn't have to work! Good luck on your challenge! I'm hoping to read about 12 books this month. We'll see.

  8. I've got my name on the list at the library for Juliet. Can't wait to read it as I've heard so many good things about it.