Friday, March 4, 2011

Evenfall by Liz Michalski

I want to live at Evenfall. It's a 200 year old home set in the countryside surrounded by the woods, a creek, and a small cottage tucked away nearby. Andie, the niece of the owner, arrives to help her Aunt Gertie get the place ready to sell after the death of her Uncle Frank, who was married to Gertie's sister Clara. Frank and Gertie had been in love as teenagers, and Gertie left town, thinking she was doing the right thing by leaving Frank. 

Now, fifty years later, Frank is dead, and haunts the house he shared with Clara, and where Andie and Gertie would spend the summers while Andie was growing up. He is filled with regret over his lost love, Gertie, and is trying very hard to communicate with her. 

This is a sweet book about regret, lost love, and making choices with our heads and our hearts. 

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