Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Club Update

I'm glad so many people are interested!  And I like Anne's idea of a new blog dedicated just to the book club.  How does that sound?  

I will mull this over the weekend, so get a few book choices ready.  I'm open to reading whatever we pick, so I don't mind if it's non-fiction or fiction. Does anyone have a preference?  Would you like a new blog just dedicated to the book club, as Anne suggests, or do we want to do it here? Do we want a "leader" for each book?  Someone who does a little bit of research to add to the discussion?  Or do we all want to just weigh in with our feelings and opinions about what we've read.   

Leave a comment and let me know, and whatever gets the most thumbs up is what we'll do.  


  1. I think a blog just for the books club sounds great. It will keep any of our blogs from over flowing with book club things and keep your lovely blog for your own use.

    I have no experience with book clubs and whether they need "leaders" or not. I am fine with whatever is decided. :)

  2. How about you tap into that Fountain of Knowledge you carry around in your head & come up w/a few suggested titles. You could give a brief synopsis of each title then add a poll to the blog so people could vote for the book they want to read.

    Instead of having a group leader, we could submit questions to discuss. The moderator (hint hint) could post a question a day that we could comment on.

    Or something :-P

  3. C-Joy, you are brilliant. That is why you are my friend :) I think a special blog would be great; I will work on that. I will put a list of books on so we can all vote for what we want, ok? I think submitting questions and then have them posted for people to comment on would be fabu!

    I'll get the brain cells going and let everyone know! If anyone has more suggestions, please, feel free to let me know.