Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Phantom Evil by Heather Graham

Heather Graham and New Orleans are two of my favorite combinations.  Throw in a haunted house, a serial killer from the Victorian era, and paranormal investigators, and I have a day to sit and read.  Phantom Evil  is another fun, fast read from Heather Graham.  Jackson and Angela, along with four other investigators, are hired by a Senator to investigate his wife's murder at their supposedly haunted house in New Orleans.  Did Regina kill herself, or did the ghosts push her off the balcony?  As the crew sets up cameras in the house, Jackson and Angela discover the Senator is not quite the persona he projects out to the public, and that there  is something evil lurking in the house.  

It likes the basement...

If you like paranormal, New Orleans, and romance, you will enjoy this one.  I always pick up Heather's ghostly tales, and have liked every one. 

This galley was provided by netgalley.

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