Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Question for My Fellow Book Lovers

I'm at work, thinking about books.  Which isn't hard, considering I'm surrounded by them all day at work.  
I thought, "Self, you should see if anyone would like to have a blog book club!"  And I said "Self, that's a great idea!"

So, what do you think?  Would anyone be willing to join this blogging book club?  We could pick out a few books, take time to read them (4 -6 weeks?) and then on a certain day we can all leave a comment about the book.  I've also got a facebook page, so we could also discuss it there.  I am open to suggestions!

How does that sound?  Let me know.  I think starting it in May would be fun.  That would give us time to pick out a book and get reading.  


  1. i think its funny, just yesterday i googled online book clubs, but ended up wandering over to amazon and ordering a dozen more books! it sounds like it could be fun, my problem is i forget things the moment i close a book a start a new one, i may be useless in commenting...

  2. yes yes yes yes! I am desperate for a book club and until I can manage to form on in my area I would love to be a part of a blog book club! Let me know any details straight to my email! What a great idea!!! PS...finished Discovery of Witches and LOVED IT!! Now reading Phillipa Gregory's The White Queen. :)


  3. Hi there....I think this would be a great idea. This thought just crossed my mind the other day..."why doesn't anyone do an on-line book club....also...why doesn't anyone offer a book swap on line. I know how much books cost and it can get a little costly. Count me in.



  4. i think it's a great idea! what you could do is start a new blog FOR the book club and have each person leave their "reviews" and start a conversation that way. it's pretty easy to just make sure everyone in the club has the password, etc.

  5. I LOVE that you've come up with this idea. I have a long standing (10 years) book club that I belong to and have a tough enough time keeping up on the books, but I can't wait to see how it all unfolds for you and your new book club. Looks to me like you've got enough members already!

  6. I agree with Ms. Dugger -I'm thinking its about time you had ANOTHER blog anyway!