Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Full Steam Ahead

Now that I've finished with the Tudors until another interesting book comes along, I am in a bit of a pickle over what the heck I should tackle next.  I have so many books to read, I don't know if I should finish the few I have started, or begin a new one.  By my rough estimates, I have around 50 books at home I've purchased and haven't read yet.  I just can't believe I have so many!  Plus a few on my NOOK, too.  I don't count those, since they're not taking up any space at home.  Going on Goodreads  has given me even more books to find that are coming out in the next few months.  So I don't forget them, I just add them to my "To Be Read" Bookshelf on the website.  I have so many listed, it only shows four pages out of--gosh--I just don't know-- on my widget.  

I think that my countdown to 100 books for 2010 is going pretty well, considering the books I am reading are an average of 250-450 pages.  I am finding myself planning my day around reading.  I am still getting up a bit earlier in the morning to read before work, too.  I used to put the TV on, and catch the news, but I'm turning it on less and less and turning to my books even more.  On the bright side, I've had a few inquiries by customers at work about me having a book talk.  This year is out of the question--too much to do, and I don't need the pressure of getting prepared for it.  So, I'm thinking of maybe mid to late January.  That would be a good time for some new book goodies for everyone to relax after the holidays.  

It will be a challenge to get in my usual amount of reading in December--work will be overwhelming, and not much time off the last two weeks of December.  Plus, of course, getting ready for Christmas. 

 So, November is going to be a really busy reading month!  Stay tuned for lots of reviews.  I don't always review every book I read, just what I think others will like and what I want to share.  And who knows?  If I hit my 100th book before December 31st, I may have to have a giveaway...


  1. last year i made myself read 100 books, i remember being upset when i wanted to read a 5-600 or 800 page book, i knew it would slow my numbers down... this year i don't care, i am just reading whatever i want and not worrying and i have read 113 with many more to come. for me once the rules came off, things went faster. cooking every book for food for thought has cut my reading down tremendously though, next year no rules, not commitments i want total freedom again!

    i have naturally read from 8-10pm my entire life, i missed the last 2 nights and have been completely undone, it feels like i have not read for years, its funny how some habits are so deeply ingrained~ i have so many books to read at any given time that i feel bad when they stare back at me, i think what wrong why am i not reading them NOW, i do read and finish everything, but i have this constant nagging feeling i am not reading enough!

  2. I totally agree! I get very crabby if I don't read at least an hour or two every day. I just always have a book with me, so even if I have a few spare moments, out comes the book. I am just reading what I want, and I don't care how long the books are. I am finding that more and more books are getting longer; from 200 pages now up to 400 pages. It's a curious development in the book world.