Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teen Reads for The Librarians

Next month we are having a Librarian Tea at our bookstore for local librarians.  We've had this the last few years, and it's been very successful.   Our Children's Department Leads and I talk about some of the new teen titles that are popular with our customers--and also, what we love.  It's really hard to just talk about 3 or 4 titles, since the teen section really is offering up some quality writing and great stories.  Paranormal is still the most popular, but historical teen novels are making a comeback.  I love historical fiction, so I've been very pleased to see more appearing on the shelves.

Two books that I'm reading for not only my pleasure, but for the Librarian Tea are both novels I've been waiting rather impatiently to arrive.  Now that they're in my hands, I'm willing to forgo sleep and TV shows to gobble them up!  They are:

Cate of the Lost Colony by Lisa Klein
Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

I'm reading Cate now and should finish her tonight, after work.  Then right into the next one!  Sometimes it's hard to decide what to read next, but I will definitely read these this week.  Then, perhaps tackling the rest of my list?  This week ends with Halloween, so I think I will continue reading my spooky stuff, with maybe a romance tossed in to balance out the dark side!  Happy reading!  Reviews on both of these books to follow.


  1. I love historical fiction and YA.It's good to see that there are YA historical fiction books. I tried my hand at the genre with my book Ain't No Sunshine.

  2. I am so pleased I'm not the only history geek out there! I only wish I had some of these titles around when I was a kid--I would have been at the library every day.