Monday, October 4, 2010

New Additions To The List

It's been two days and I've already added more books to my reading list--I've got a full month ahead of me, and if I read all that I have picked out, I'll be ahead of my goal to reach  100 books read by December 31st.  In between working in the yard and doing my everyday house stuff, I'm rotating 4 different books, with Wolf Hall hogging the most time.  Anne Boleyn is making her presence known!  She's looming!  

Here's what I currently have on my list--yes, I really am reading all of this stuff this month:

I've ordered 2 teen books; they'll be here sometime late next week:  Bright Young Things by Ana Godbersen, and Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. Also coming out next week is Cate of the Lost Colony by Lisa Klein.

This is the stuff I have at home:

Isn't this cover just scrumptious?

Must have humor--love this man!

Saw it on the Bio table at work--I really like it!
And, I got my first ever library card, and set up the library e-read on my Nook, so I checked out a book from the library--I've only got one week left to read it, so I'd better hurry: 
Shooting the movie, we'll see how it is!
So you can see what I'll be doing for the next few weeks.  I've got some extra time off coming up, and this is how I'll be spending it!   Oh!  my copy of Love Letters from Ladybug Farm came early, so that's in the mix, too.   Ciao!


  1. Apparently I'm just too tired to read -thought you would be diving into Cate of the Lost Colon. I was quite worried about you for a moment or two!

  2. Now that would be a journey I wouldn't want to take. Go relax! I'm making your apple crisp tonight.

  3. I just finished A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. It was really good! I'll have to add Revolution to my list.

  4. That is one of my favorite books, Dawn. You should read her adult novel, The Tea Rose. It's pretty good, too.