Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Books! Oh Geez, More Books

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I can't resist a bargain book at the store when it's under $3.00 and it's a trade paperback.  So, I ended up buying 4 more books on top of a few new teen paperbacks that just came out this week.  And the new Ken Follett.  Oh lordy, I'm back in my overwhelming state of bookiness.  

I also found a few new hardcovers that I really want to read, so this week, in between assigned readings of Wolf Hall, I will attempt to get them read, too.  A few days off is just not enough!  I have managed to keep the TV off, and that keeps me reading.  I'm waking up earlier than I need to so I can read before I start my day.  When Bud's not over, I'm reading.  I think that's what I do for most of my day, when I'm not working.  

I've signed up with Good Reads so I can see pretty pictures of my books.  I've added two lists to my blog:  one of books I'm currently reading, another of books I have lined up to read next.  Of course, I will try my best to keep adding everything, but I can't promise I'll be on track.  It's a lot of work to write about all the books I read!  Reviews, ratings, blogs; it's working itself into my time to get other stuff done--like housework and exercise.  

Ah well.  You can click on my Good Reads widgets and go to my lists on their site.  I'm working on getting my lists more complete, and adding some reviews.  It's constantly under construction, so keep checking.

Happy Reading!

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