Friday, October 8, 2010

More Ladybug Farm! Yeah!

This trio of books is just wonderful.  Really.  Three friends in their 50's: Bridget, Lindsey, and Cici, decide to sell their houses and buy a farm in Virginia to retire and do what they each love best:  cook, paint, and create.  Unfortunately, the house, while beautiful and 100 years old, needs a lot of work, and the ladies find they have taken on a huge task which will take all their resources, talents, and time.  No lounging about for them!  Toss in a crochety old housekeeper named Ida Mae, a young teenager who sleeps in the woods near their house, and an eclectic group of townspeople, and you have a wonderful start to a story that I have loved from the first page.

Start with A Year on Ladybug Farm, then quickly start on At Home on Ladybug Farm, which weaves the continuing adventures of the ladies with stories of the home's previous history and owners.  I loved this one!

Now, Love Letters from Ladybug Farm is the latest.  The ladies find themselves in the wedding business, and chaos ensues!  Can romance be far behind?

Donna Ball has created a wonderful setting for three enjoyable characters.  Reading these novels gives me a nudge to take a moment to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me when I step out the door, or when I'm riding my bike or taking a walk.  They remind me that life is always full, and we never know what we are capable of until we try.  Plus, they're just great fun.  I handsell these at the bookstore whenever I can, and have had customers return to tell me how much they enjoyed the novels.

So run to your nearest bookstore, grab all three, and sit down on your porch, or patio, and tuck into these gems.  And let me know how you like them!


  1. I'm glad you're wrote about this -I got the 1st one as an ebook earlier this week & managed to completely forget about it! The weekend is looking even brighter now :D

  2. I'm glad you're reading them! They're just good reads.

  3. i really enjoyed the book too, i have yet to read 2&3, i bot them, i just keep forgetting to go on with reading them! since i do food for thought with the visual reviews i save all my ladybug stuff and look forward to going wild with 2 more books. there is just not enough time in the day for all i want to be reading, its a big wonderful world out there and so much to enjoy!

  4. I agree completely with you--sometimes I wish I could read multiple books simultaneously. But I guess if I could do that, it would require multiple arms and heads--and an Indian Goddess is not what I want to be! Enjoy the rest of Ladybug Farm. They are lovely. Your post was beautiful, by the way!