Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Am Number Four--A Surprise Favorite Teen Read

Ok, so this book has been in our Teen section at work for a looong time.  I had heard from a few people that it was slow moving, so I felt no compelling reason to read it.  

Until two weeks ago.  I took a giant step and got a library card.  I have never had a library card in my life.  I sound like a snob, but I like to own my books, and also to support my workplace ( a bookstore, lucky me!) I buy my books.  But in order to understand the wonderfulness of our local metro library system's ebook program, I had to get a library card.  With that, I downloaded the library program to my NOOK and looked for something to check out.  I Am Number Four popped up, and it was available for check out, so I did.  For 14 days, it was free for me to read on my NOOK.  Tomorrow it disappears off my NOOK and back to the library, for another patron to enjoy.  Today was a massive reading session, to finish this book.  And I am so glad I did!  

The novel starts out kinda slow, and I think this can give people the wrong impression.  But stick with it, cause it  may start off walking, but it ends up galloping to the exciting end.  John Smith and Henri are two people who never stay very long in one place.  John  and Henri have been on the run since they landed on Earth from another planet.  John and 8 other children are the last hope for their planet to defeat their mortal enemies.  John is number four--and the first three kids have all been killed.  John is next.  Can he stay hidden from the Mogadarians who are relentlessly hunting down these kids and killing them before their powers develop?  Oh, and John meets a lovely young woman, Sarah, who captures his heart and makes him long for a normal "human" life.  

This was a great science-fiction teen read for both teens and adults.  The movie comes out in February, 2010 and I will certainly see it!  I watched the trailer and it looks pretty darn good--I just hope they follow the book.


  1. i am just the opposite of you, i never like to keep books, i like to pass them on so others can read them, otherwise i feel that they are just a dead on my study shelf... i use the library a lot, since i read fast it can be costly buying sometimes 5 books a week, plus i change my mind all the time... don't get me wrong, i have at least 100 bought books waiting to be read and i love kindle when the mood strikes at midnight in the middle of nowhere i can have a new book instantly :)

    off to read about this book~

  2. I like to keep my books--when I travel, I make a point of buying a book wherever I am--it's my remembrance of my vacation. I can look at my bookcases and remember where and when I bought a book. I do give some books away, and I sell others on half.com; but it's hard for me to part with my friends!

  3. its funny when i travel i leave my books in the room for the maids, or at the pool, or hand them to strangers. i seam to collect dishes when i travel, and those can happily stack sky high in my kitchen with no guilt of hoarding them!

  4. I am sadly lacking in the dish department. Only one set for everyday use and nothing special. Missed the boat not getting married young and having a bridal registry! Now I have to buy it myself dang it! I will say that now I'm older, my tastes have changed, so if I do finally get married, I know what I like and what to ask for.

  5. you don't need to be married to enjoy dishease... i started at 16! never cared if i was married, but loved playing house by myself~ there are only 2 of us, i now buy sets of 2 of everything i love, and trust me, its WAY TO MANY! i love homegoods, i have a price limit of $3 for salad, $5 for dinner, for 16 bucks i am in hog heaven and can mix and match my dishes for eternity. my husband knows its a cheaper than jewels, and far more fun for me!